Who is God? Why people are very crazy about God??

Simply because, over thousands of years of human existence, none of the people scientifically proved, how universe is created & how living beings were formed. As there is no scientific justification, everyone started believing that all these miracles are done by a majestic hidden power called “GOD” (People call god by various names).

Knowing this secret, the great cunning intelligent persons in the world started bluffing the people saying like: “This Tree is God”, “This Rock is God “, “This Animal is God”, “This Person is God” & say’s like if you do prayers, then all your worries will be vanished & your desires will be fulfilled.

After this, when they observed, majority of the people believing their words, then they got an idea why can’t they start promoting in a full extent & encash from their weaknesses. With this cruel idea, the highly intelligent persons started using their own creativity & formed various gods. Some started promoting that “God exists in Temple”. Some started highlighting “God is available in Church” & some started publishing “God is in Dharga’s”…etc

What not but the motto is same. Keep a Hundi & ask for Donations in the name of god to fill their culprit pockets. Even, they started slowly Seducing the people like “This god is Best & remaining god’s are Fake to capture the Business”. People started spellbound by their high end Communication skills & believed that, their god is having great powers & ready to offer anything as donations. They became so god fearing persons like, when they come across any big issue; they started believing that they need to get the blessings from their god from the Main Branch, which is located 100’s of kilometres away from their house.

So, they are ready to take up the journey to reach to their main god & offer money or do animal sacrifices as Dhakshan, thinking that their god will bless them for their hard core prayers which really sounds funny for the practical thinkers.

Though we are highly educated & sits in a high designations, still we are following them without any second thought because, right from the childhood, people injected that “God is so & so”. As such, we started believing seriously & now we became so helpless & sensitive that if we don’t obey, then we fear like “God will punish” & take away our life’s or create miseries. Also, if anyone denies them, they started arguing & fighting for their god, as if god has chosen only few people to be their community. Hence, we are not accepting the truth that “No one has seen the god in the entire world & whatever they are saying about god is nothing but an illusion”.

One thing sounds to be great that, every human-being despite of various religions accepts that “God is one”, “God is Spirit” & everyone are living, with the blessings of God which is within us”. This one point of oneness, I really like it. My suggestion has a fellow human-being is: If you really believe that God is one, then choose “only one god” of your choice. Please don’t keep “One god for Education”, “One god for Wealth” & “One god for taking care of yourself” which is very awkward & lead your children into a Confusion state when they grow up. And there are more chances of making your children to indulge in religious fighting’s because being a Parent, you don’t have clarity & failed to explain the real fact.

I Believe “God is one” & that one can be in any one form of your choice. Let me explain the beauty of it: Keep one name & image for your god, like we keep name for a new born baby which will respond when we call by name. Likewise, you also keep one name & image for your own god. When you are facing any big trouble (or) when you feel very in-secure, then close your eyes (for 1 minute) & chant the name of your god. Then automatically the image of your god will appear & gives you tremendous energy.

With practice, your Mind & Heart will start believing in god & god’s energy will flow like a Blood in your Body. With this, you will attain a heavenly strength & with this strength, all your problems will become smaller & smaller & finally dis-appears. Also, all the Bad senses vanishes & you will lead a Happy Living by inspiring many. Though i personally experienced Heart-Breaking issues in my life but with the above approach I proved that with the help of God, we can overcome any big troubles in our day to day Life.

We are not alone. Really, we are not alone. Start accepting that god is your friend, guide, teacher & philosopher. Start realizing that, “God has given you the great life & God will keep on giving you the Best, even though god has taken the better from you”. With this strong mind-set, forget about your past & start utilizing your God given Mind Power by working day-in & day-out heart-fully. Remember, God is watching & your work will be rewarded.

My Humble Request:

When you are Successful & Happy then start thinking about your fellow human-beings. Spend time with them, to understand their troubles & do your level best, to sort out their issues by showing a Permanent solution for their worries & make them to lead a happy living like you. I think this would be the greatest purposeful living for any Human-Being.


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